So what goes here? I don’t really know what to put here. I mean… probably words. That seems obvious. But what words, about which subjects is still sort of in the wind.

This blog has been my wife’s idea for a while. She is a fan of my writing and my perspective on the world. As such, she thinks I should share it through a blog. And since she’s usually right about these things, here we are. But I still am unsure of what to put here.

Maybe start with just me? I’m 35. I have a wife, two stepsons, and two sons. I live in the Upper Peninsula. You might have assumed that since it is attached to Wisconsin, it would be part of Wisconsin. However you would be wrong. Although it is disconnected from the rest of Michigan, it is a part of it(though often forgotten). If you thought it was actually Canada, you would actually not be alone since many have joked this before. It’s okay here. I mean it is picturesque for certain. And there is stuff to do. That said, it would be really awesome if somehow, someway there could suddenly be really good pizza here. I mean there is pizza, but it’s not Chicago style with the thick crust, it’s not New York style with the big foldable slices. It’s… it’s something else.

I like pizza by the way.

What else. I work in retail. I run a store. It’s okay. I never thought of myself as a retail person, yet here we are. I’m also a full time college student. While I attended college from 2000 to the present, I somehow failed to obtain a degree. Originally it was for Film because I wanted to make movies. And like many young film students I quickly learned college was not at all a direct path to filmmaking. So I never got around to finishing that degree, or the several others that came after. I think this would be the fifth time and seems to be the trick.

Much to my surprise, I find myself as a running enthusiast. This is absolutely bizarre if you knew me earlier in my life. But I am. I’ve only finished 1 half-marathon, but it was enough to show me that I definitely have developed a taste for it. I like to cook and grill. I think I’m halfway decent at it.

Other than that, I dunno what else to say. I guess what else there is to say about me will probably be revealed over time as I write more.

So what goes here? I guess just about anything. Let’s see what I feel like showing the world.