Here’s the Plan

Okay. So here’s the deal:


I didn’t mean to fall of the face of the Earth with this blog. I swear. I totes love writing it, and totes love the reactions I got from the first couple posts.

Here’s what I totes didn’t love: all the shit I have to do in an hour/day/week/month/year. It fucking sucks. You know what I’m talking about. I’m not even gonna list the hassles one gets hit with in a day. We all get hit with them. So just take your list of hassles and assume I have a similar list.

Unless you have no list or a short list. I am not so lucky.

Anyways. I rushed to posting because of a request by a certain lady. I regret nothing, just wish I had been cognizant (check that fancy word shiznit) about the reality of my ability to commit. That’s when I decided to minimize the number of irons I have in the fire. That’s why I quit my job today, left my wife and kids, and moved in to a particularly small compound to focus 100% on this blog and you, my readers.

Nah. That’d be fucking nuts. And impractical. Job, wife, kids, participating in society are all still part of my day. What I did do is I finished up an eighteen year project: I GRADUATED COLLEGE. Yep. Adios, GED. “I am so smart. I am so smart. S-M-A-T. No, S-M-A-R-T.” That’s from Simpsons BTW. I graduated High School. And if I didn’t, doesn’t matter now.

Anyways. With that iron out of the fire, this blog is it’s replacement. I’m in mother fuckers. Yeah, look out.

Here’s my plan: a blog a week. A weekly dish of my brain scooped into a bowl and served with whipped cream and frozen strawberries. Pardon me, Finn wants ice cream.

And we’re back!  So strap in yo. I promise: It’s gonna weird.

Good weird too. Not like that Buffalo Bob guy weird. The lotion on the skin stuff is not for me. I’m more like a Kramer weird. Or a loveable oof.

So welcome back to Planet Clandemonium. Population: you folks, me, and with any luck some paid sponsors.

I’m just kidding. My wife is super rich.

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